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Times of meetings at the Lakelands Library and community centre

6 - 9 pm

Bring your camera along just in case we have a workshop or an event happening and you may wish to participate
  1. 1
    What does membership fee cover
    The annual fee payable covers the insurance cost for members and refreshments. Mini workshops or information sessions Image review Exernal workshops with other providers are generally paid workshops
  2. 2
    Outings are an important part of learning your camera as you will be out and about using different modes and different filters under different circumstances - no good sitting inside and not using the functions on your camera - so we do encourage outings
  3. 3
    What training is provided
    Mini workshops are included in the monthly meeting - information files are available on the website
  4. 4
    Workshops - External
    We offer external workshops at a reduced fee to members to further enhance their skills