When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes
But when you photograph people in Black & White, you photograph their souls
Ted Grant
 Mixing with like minded members is a great way to learn and grow in your photography
 As long as you have the enthusiasm you will enjoy the journey
Dolphin Quay
Life is like a camera
Let there be Light
  1. 1
    What does membership fee cover
    The annual fee payable covers the insurance cost for members and refreshments. Mini workshops or information sessions Image review
  2. 2
    Outings are an important part of learning your camera as you will be out and about using different modes and different filters under different circumstances - no good sitting inside and not using the functions on your camera - so we do encourage outings
  3. 3
    What training is provided
    Mini workshops are included in the monthly meeting - information files are available on the website
  4. 4
    Workshops - External
    We offer external workshops at a reduced fee to members to further enhance their skills